Gemini By Nature

I would Like to start my blog by introducing myself 1st and foremost. My name is Sierra. I am a poet and am currently supporting myself as a provisioning tech. Unfortunately like a lot of people, my job is being effected by today’s economy. My entire work site will be shutting down in a month. As you can imagine I was a little blind sited by this but I am being optimistic. This change in pace has made me revaluate what direction I am taking in life. Being an active blogger is a start =).Lets us see here =).....My passion in life is to be heard. I love to write. Since I was taught that words strung together formed thoughts, emotions, and opinions I have found a home. Writing is my passion and poetry is my art form. I have a strong conviction that this is my birth write. I am always trying to elevate myself and fine tune my skills. I love feed back and I am gracious to criticism. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts, I am looking forward to them.
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  1. Feezah. Says:

    Nice to meet ya, Sierra. I love your blog. I heart music and poetry way to express thoughts. I look forward to reading your poetry.


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