Gemini By Nature

To I have always wanted to write a piece that explains what poetry is in to me. I have been writing religiously for almost 15 years now and i have finally found the words.

This is it
These words
Strung together so artistically
To create a child
Named poetry
I want to live it
I want to breath it
Get lost and then
Seek it
press its sweetness to my lips
To swallow
Bringing salvation to those places
Empty and hallow
Let it journey to my womb
And give birth to it
Caress it gently
Nurture it
Smooth my hands over it
As if it is moistened clay
To be th first light
Of brand new days
I will recite its name
Softly enough
For everyone to hear
Let the words bound swiftly threw space
To land gracefully on ears
I want to lift my hands
And hail it praise
Give into it like a lover
Succumbing to the chase
I will let it tickle me
In forbidden
Hidden Places
Wash over me like heat
Resurrecting blissful faces
I want to journey into it
When the time comes for rest
At my last moments
Let it take residence under
My heaving breasts
This is it
A purpose found in a dream
A dream with a truth found in purpose
I want to breath it in deeply
I want to live it
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