Gemini By Nature
Hand in Hand

Baby we stand together

Despite the world's hidden hate

If should fall so will I

We are destined to have the same fate

People are always going to talk

And there is nothing we can do

I could care less

The only trust I need is from you

Love we stand together

With all trials beneath our feet

My steps are isync with yours

For it's the same goal we seek

You have helped me put my past behind me

And eased my mind

Helped me get over things

That I thought could only heal with time

Baby we stand together

Despite my past and yours

You are the only one

That my heart adores

I'll put no one before you

And let no one come before me

My vow has to be more than words

I have to make you see, that

Love we stand together

And though we are hand and hand

You lead me

I'll let you be the man

You are my heart

You make me complete

Together we make a pair

That can't be beat

Baby we belong together
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  1. Viji Says:

    that's pure unadultered love :) it's so profound, i love your poems.. keep sharing Sierra..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    interesting blog, & fresh, keep it up!

    Wat do you think of mine?

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