Gemini By Nature

I love you blindly

without objection or reason

I'll be here long after tomorrow

far beyond the passing season

my love is strong

but my heart is delicate

I'm the most virtuous woman - proverbs 31:10

you have ever met

along side a man stands a great woman

and here I am strong and tall

to take on the world with you

to take it all

here to embrace your past

to look forward to future plans

here to simply know you

here to understand

to let you know I want to be

more than a woman to you

I want to be your last thought

when you close your eyes to rest

and the one that helps you rise in the morning

that encourages you threw out your day

to do your very best

I want to be that missing piece that makes you whole

the air you breath

the hand that feeds your hungry soul

I want to be

the reality in your dreams

the surprise in your life

that shows you the world

is not always just as it seems

I want to be

the thought that crosses your mind

that brings a smile to you face

and to be where you are

when you go to your peaceful place

I want to be yours

I just want to be

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