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I wrote this piece for the love life. I'll probably mention him...often lol. He is has been my best friend for a long time even before we were in a relationship. He has proven to be a good muse =)
please enjoy

Journey of our love
Chapter I

He says to me
Your love is sticky and slow
I told him
His love is firm and filling
We laugh in sing song sync
Like we always do
And then I began to think
Our love is so much more than physical
His love did not dilute its potent musk
After the lapsing of seven years
Three in which there was no contact only
My love was so patient
That I loved him
Pre present and post
His other relationship eras
Hoping and praying
He would awaken
And see me
For the eve woman I was
His love was nourishing
It nursed a woman broken into a corpse
By another man
Back into vibrant health
It navigated threw a weather and worn soul
Plucked out insecurities and massaged away open wounds
With bare god given hands
My love was so sultry
It made him forget all about her
Made him put away that playa
And fall in love with me
Had him driving across countries
Over hills threw mountains
Just to see what real
Thickness taste like
And when he arrived…
His love was so erotic
Had me blushing all in
My face like
Had my tongue tripping over me teeth
To speak like
Had me cooking dinner
Serving it
And chewing
All with in five minutes
It was so erotic
Had me forgetting o had other house guess
Had me groping over his
Clothes like
Had me undressing him
Before we hit the
Door like
Had me forgetting the bed
And bumping and scuffing the
Floor like
It was so erotic
had me calling on
My lord and savior
In soprano alto and tenor
Had me reciting happy endings
To fairy tales in multiple languages
Had my legs kicking
Trying to find footing on a pathway to
Heaven like
Had me gasping for breath
Had me gasping for air
Had me gasping for something
Anything to fill my lungs
And all I received
All I ever received was tongue
His love was so so soo erotic
But it was so much more than physical
His love
My love
Is so much more
as our love
Our love is so able
It found us across the world
From one another
Brought us from different
Time zones
Different area codes
Different mothers
Under one heavenly father
To complete each other voids
Watering those places
With like thoughts
Thoughts to bare fruit
To epic tales
Epic tales of lovers
Past and present
Epic tales of
What future lovers look like
It separated us for two wrongs
Joined us together to form one truth
One right
Our love is so able
It connects us
Over oceans and seas
It travels to canyons and valleys
Just so those to parts of this world will witness
Something pure and true
As pure and true
As the first gift given to man
That god called woman
As pure and true as the child she birth called man
Our love is so much more

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